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Welcome to Trail Dweller, your ultralight companion for adventures beyond the beaten path!

Our Mission and Content

At Trail Dweller, our inception was born out of necessity and nurtured by passion. For us, the wilderness is not just a place to explore, but a space to embrace with respect and mindfulness. Samantha, our editor-in-chief, faced a challenge that many can relate to — a longing for the wild spaces coupled with the physical demand of traditional backpacking gear due to back pain. This sparked a journey to source the lightest, most innovative hiking equipment the market has to offer.

We realized that while the appetite for ultralight hiking was growing, information on niche gear like hiking sandals and hammocks was scattered and scarce. Trail Dweller was founded to be your central hub for this specific knowledge. Our goal is to curate a repository of information, tips, and gear reviews that cater to the needs of hikers who aspire to travel light without sacrificing comfort or preparedness.

Our content is meticulously crafted to stand out in the ultralight hiking niche. We delve into the details of lesser-known equipment, providing insights that are hard to find elsewhere. We are committed to offering valuable and trustworthy advice that enables our readers to make informed decisions, lighten their load, and ultimately, enhance their connection with nature.

Through our articles, we aspire to empower our readers not only with knowledge but with a philosophy of hiking that prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship. We believe in treading lightly — both in terms of gear and ecological impact — to ensure that the trails we love remain pristine for generations to come. Join us at Trail Dweller, where every ounce saved is a step closer to a deeper appreciation of the great outdoors.

Meet the Team

At Trail Dweller, our team is the heart of our hiking trails. They’re a diverse bunch bound together by a shared love for the great outdoors and a penchant for puns, light packs, and trail adventures.

Samantha AveryThe Sandal-Clad Trailblazer

Editor-in-Chief & Writer


Samantha is rarely seen without her trusty hiking sandals (or her new favorite, running sandals). A British expat making trails in Taiwan, Samantha is the compass that guides our content, ensuring each piece resonates with our community’s spirit of adventure and lightweight travel.

Follow Samantha:

Annabelle JensonThe Ultra-Runner with a Pen


When she’s not pounding the trails on an ultra run or plotting her next thru-hike, Annabelle brings her experiences to life through her writing. She’s always on the lookout for gear that’s as light on the scales as it is on the trail, sharing insights that help our readers run (or hike) that extra mile.


Thomas KinleyThe Environmentalist



Hailing from Utah, Thomas combines his passion for hiking with a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. His writing not only takes you on a journey through scenic trails but also explores how we can tread lightly and responsibly, leaving only footprints behind.

Ray LiuThe Wandering Wordsmith


Ray is our wildcard, unpredictable as a mountain trail, and just as exciting. His love for exploring and adventuring is only matched by his knack for crafting puns that make our readers chuckle as they pack their backpacks.


Emir KhanThe Silent Sentinel of Our Digital Trails



Emir, our web developer, is the quiet force behind Trail Dweller’s online presence. His dedication is evident in every pixel and line of code, ensuring our website isn’t just informative but also a visual treat and as user-friendly as a well-marked trail.

Why you can trust our reviews

At Trail Dweller, our gear reviews are more than just assessments; they’re a testament to our commitment to authenticity and reliability. Our approach is straightforward yet thorough — we seek out, test rigorously, and only endorse gear that we truly believe in.

In-Depth Selection Process

Our journey begins with a meticulous selection process. We scour the market, combing through the specs and claims of various products. Our focus is on finding gear that promises to enhance the ultralight hiking experience — be it through innovation, weight reduction, or sheer functionality.

Field Testing — Where the Real Review Happens

Every piece of gear we recommend has been through its paces in the real world. This isn’t a quick trial run; we use each item extensively during our adventures, testing its mettle against the elements and trails. It’s only through this hands-on experience that we can genuinely assess its performance, durability, and suitability for our ultralight philosophy.

Transparency and Honesty

Integrity is at the core of our reviews. If a product is sponsored or linked through an affiliate program, we make it abundantly clear. Our readers’ trust is paramount, and we maintain this through complete transparency about our review process and affiliations. You can read our affiliate disclosure here.

Unbiased Recommendations

Our allegiance is to our readers, not brands. Our recommendations are unbiased, grounded in real-world experiences rather than marketing hype. We pride ourselves on being the compass you can rely on when gearing up for your next adventure.

Our Pledge to You

At Trail Dweller, we understand that the right gear can make or break a hiking experience. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with honest, in-depth reviews that you can count on. When you read a gear review on our site, rest assured, it’s a reflection of our genuine experience and love for the ultralight hiking lifestyle

Through our reviews, we aim to empower you with knowledge, helping you make informed choices that align with your hiking aspirations and values. Trust us to guide you in gearing up smartly, lightly, and confidently for your outdoor adventures.

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